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1:1 Fuel to Excel Program

Strategic nutrition: The missing link between you and a podium finish

You’ve honed your body and mind, but one pivotal piece remains—your nutrition. It’s the difference between almost and victory. Between finishing and the podium. With the exclusive Fuel to Excel Program, you’ll embark on a transformational journey, sculpting your diet to propel you out of your performance plateau into a new realm of endurance excellence.

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We have to start 3 months before race day at minimum

Peak Performance

Gut issues, gone

A clear nutrition roadmap

Feeling outpaced by your nutritional needs?

Like many triathletes and ultra-runners, you’re 90% of the way to your peak performance. To hit 100% and get a game-changing competitive edge, you’ve got to overcome these challenges:

  • Energy dips at critical moments of the race

  • Gut issues and nausea during the event

  • Cravings that undercut your goals

  • Uncertainty about exactly what to eat on race day

  • Suboptimal recovery after races or big training blocks

  • Uncertainty about getting your body race-ready

Imagine going from no improvements in months, to this

Peak Performance

With strategic nutrition as your secret weapon, every training session is optimised, propelling you beyond your previous PB straight to the winner’s circle. You’ll experience gains in areas you didn’t even realise needed attention.

Gut issues, gone

Imagine standing at the starting line, fully confident that gut discomfort and nausea are things of the past. With tailored nutrition, you can embrace solid foods that sustain your performance, and focus solely on the race.

A clear nutrition roadmap

With a tailored nutrition plan, every meal is a calculated step towards your peak potential. Eliminate the guesswork, focus sharply on your training, and let nutrition take your performance and recovery to new heights.

The Fuelling with Purpose Framework

I approach nutrition optimisation holistically, striving for game-changing transformation on every level. Fundamental to my approach is the Fueling with Purpose Framework, which is built around these 4 principles:

Fuel the core

Fueling the core is about ensuring your diet meets your body’s energy and nutrient demands. That way, you can support essential functions, fortify your health, and reduce your risk of injury. This principle is the foundation that empowers you to meet the rigours of endurance training head-on.

Fuel the Endurance

Fueling the endurance is about maximising energy before each training session, sustaining it throughout, optimising recovery, and unlocking the highest performance gains possible. It’s about transformation, and ensuring that every training session is springboarding you towards success.

Fuel the performance

Fueling the performance is about stepping up to the start line with a surge of confidence, knowing you’re nutritionally primed for success. It’s about staying strong, energised, and free of gut discomfort throughout the entire race, and knowing exactly when and what to eat.

Fuel the soul

Fueling the soul means cultivating a healthy relationship with food and yourself. When you work with me, optimal nutrition isn’t about restriction and punishment. It’s about developing an intentional mindset that empowers you to reach your peak without giving up all the joys that food has to offer.

What’s included in the Fuel to Excel Program?

Exclusive 1:1 nutrition coaching

Benefit from personalised nutrition advice directly from Gaby tailored to enhance your performance. Accountability and a proven roadmap ensure your nutrition strategy evolves with you, optimising every step of your endurance journey.

Custom fueling plan

A personalised fueling plan shows you precisely what to eat for optimal performance and recovery. This removes the guesswork and makes nutrition practical, saving you energy and time.

Race nutrition strategy

Master your race day with a tailored nutrition strategy that eliminates gut upset and energy dips. Knowing exactly what you need to eat on the day, you can overcome any hurdle between you and your new PB.

Sweat & sodium analysis

Uncover efficient hydration strategies and precise sodium requirements to prevent dehydration, digestive issues, and cramping. This is key to maintaining peak performance during training and on race day.

On-demand Support

With immediate access to me for fueling questions and any other support you might need, you’ll never feel like you’re waiting for an appointment to troubleshoot roadblocks. I’m in your corner, night and day.

Supplement advice

Receive personalised supplement guidance to avoid wasting money on products that give you gut upset or those that simply aren’t helping you optimise your nutrition and race-day performance.

Personalised recipe books

With recipes tailored to your performance goals and lifestyle, you’ll never have to think about what to cook again. They’re convenient, family-friendly, and table-ready in 60 minutes or less.

Client platform access

Take full advantage of a comprehensive platform that tracks your food, mood, and activity in one place. By receiving immediate feedback and accountability, you remain fully aligned with your goals.

"I felt my best ever during a backyard ultra, right to the last lap"

Phil Gore | Australian Backyard Ultra Record Holder

100% satisfaction — or your money back

With the Fuel to Excel Program, I’m completely committed to your transformation and satisfaction. Make an honest, dedicated effort — and if you don’t see a positive impact on your training and performance within 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund. After all, your success is my success.

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If you sign up within 48 hours of our initial phone call, you’ll also get 12 months of access to my Fuel to Thrive Academy’s online course. Leverage weekly lessons, workshops and tools to fast-track your journey to your peak performance.

You’re 3 steps away from optimal performance

1. Apply

Begin by joining the waitlist and answering a few brief questions about your endurance challenges. Then, when a spot becomes available, I’ll schedule a call with you so we can get clear on your personal challenges and confirm that the program is the best way to achieve your goals.

2. Fuel

We’ll holistically optimise your nutrition, leveraging the Fueling with Purpose Framework to ensure you maximise every training session and unlock your full potential.

3. Excel

With your mind, body, and nutritional fuel in complete harmony, you’ll approach the start line brimming with energy and confidence — fully prepared to conquer the podium.

Apply now

We have to start 3 months before race day at minimum

Harness the competitive edge holding you back from your peak


You’ve honed your body and mind. Now, let’s fine-tune your nutritional fuel to bridge the gap between almost and victory — between you and the podium.

 Join the waitlist to see if the Fuel to Excel Program is right for you.

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We have to start 3 months before race day at minimum

About me

Hi, I’m Gaby Villa, the founder of IntensEATfit. As a dietitian and sports nutritionist, my mission is to enhance endurance athletes’ performance by transforming food into their greatest ally.

With over 12 years of experience as a triathlete, I’ve learned the profound joy of achieving a new personal best — a feeling I want to share with you.

My vision is to build a world where sport and nutrition are seen as nourishment for not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, unlocking strength and happiness across all areas of life.