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Free Live Masterclass for Triathletes and Ultra-runners

Crushing your personal best

The 5-step formula to fuel your peak performance as an ultra-endurance athlete.

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Join me on this FREE value-packed masterclass to discover:

  • The biggest mistakes that stop most endurance athletes from achieving their peak performance (and how to avoid these mistakes yourself).

  •  My unique step-by-step formula to help you fuel effectively for endurance training and racing, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game (even if you’ve struggled with nutrition and energy management in the past!).

  •  How to tailor your nutrition to your body's specific needs, helping you overcome common challenges like gut issues, energy depletion, and inefficient recovery.

  •  Practical nutrition strategies and easy-to-implement tips for everyday endurance athletes, enabling you to fuel for peak performance, recover faster, and maintain a balanced diet (without spending more time in the kitchen)

  •  The crucial role of mindset in nutrition and performance, including strategies to foster a positive relationship with food, enhance mental resilience, and achieve long-term success in ultra-endurance sports.

This is a must-attend if you are struggling with finding the right fuelling strategies for your training and race days, managing recovery, or balancing your energy intake. 

You'll walk away with clarity on how to implement effective nutrition strategies into your training regimen, insights into personalising your fueling plan, and the motivation to push your limits and achieve your ultra-endurance goals.

🎁 Plus... receive this amazing bonus!

Attend the live training to receive my Supplement Guide for Endurance Athletes: An evidence-based overview of supplements beneficial for endurance training and racing (valued at $47).

Your Host 

Hi, I’m Gaby! I’m a dietitian and sports nutritionist with over 10 years of experience.

I’m passionate about helping endurance athletes enhance their performance by transforming food into their greatest ally.

With over 15 years of experience as a triathlete,  I’ve learned the profound joy of achieving a new personal best — a feeling I want to share with you.

My vision is to build a world where sport and nutrition are seen as nourishment for not just the body but also the mind and spirit, unlocking strength and happiness across all areas of life.

Gaby Villa

B.A. Nutrition and Wellness, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Master of Health Science Exercise and Health, Monash Trained FODMAP Dietitian.

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