Michael Orton

Prior to meeting Gaby, I had very little ‘know-how’ of how to fuel properly for triathlon training and racing. I approached Gaby for help with developing an effective meal and race day plan, and the results were rapidly showing themselves after the first consultation. 


I have now been working with Gaby for the past 9 months and every consult I have had with her has been excellent. She is very methodical with her analysis and provides a detailed program which has given me more confidence to train/race harder.


Aside from Gaby being my nutritionist, Gaby is very approachable and has a strong commitment to giving her clients the best experience possible. Gaby has been a key part in my goal of becoming a professional triathlete. 


I look forward to continue working with Gaby in the future and I would recommend anyone seeking help with their nutrition, to contact Gaby.

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