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Program transformations

This is what previous members of the Fuel To Thrive Academy have to say about it

This program covered so much more than I expected and I have experienced gains in areas that I did not even realise needed attention. My energy after long training sessions is so much better allowing me to have family time after these sessions rather than couch time.

Justin, Ultra-Runner

The course has really helped improve my running not just in races but with training, being properly fuelled for training runs has made a huge difference - I also was fortunate enough to complete a 100k race during the course so I was able to implement some of the learnings from the course into my race strategy and the outcome was great, first race where I didn’t suffer from nausea.

Craig, Ultra-Runner

This 12 week program has been so insightful into better understanding how to fuel properly not only for a race but for training. The delivery was great, flexible, informative and interactive, I enjoyed hearing from the other participants experiences each week and how they implemented changes into their daily lives and training. 

Kate, Ultra-Runner