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Discover the journeys of endurance athletes who've reached new heights with our tailored programs.

Phil Gore | Australian Backyard Ultra Record Holder

Gaby's knowledge of nutrition for endurance athletes has been instrumental in improving my performance over the last two years.

Claire Slater | Ultraman Australia Finisher

Gaby provided me with guidance, recipes and strategies that not only got me to race day strong and prepared, but that got me through the 3 days that Ultraman is.

Kosta Condos | Ultra Runner

Thanks to the Fuel To Thrive Academy, I no longer grapple with energy deficits during intense training weeks or suffer from stomach issues. Recently, I achieved a personal best at a backyard ultra event, which I am convinced is due to the right fueling strategy

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Nick Thompson | Professional Triathlete

Gaby has been really helpful in developing and fine tuning a day to day meal plan which has helped me feel a lot more energetic everyday, especially before training. 


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Len Hartley | Ironman Athlete

The Fuel To Excel Program enabled one of the best training blocks I have completed and set me up for a great race in Cairns where I had a strong run to PB by over 10 mins on a challenging course.

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Emma Kirk | Ironman Athlete

I believe that the carb loading and nutrition advice I had been following in the lead up weeks had prepared my body for race day, and got me through to the finish line.


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Andy Baldwin | Ultra Runner

I have genuine excitement that I now have a stronger foundation for my body and mind to take me into new territory, without the limits from poor fuelling.


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Jodie Phillips | Ultra Runner

The plans we specifically worked on together worked so well - completing a 100km and 100 mile feeling strong, alert and no loss of energy during the race.


Gerardo Perez | Trail Runner & Mountain Cyclist

This was the best decision I have taken for my health.  I have more energy to perform well in all aspects of my life. I sleep more easily and peacefully, and I have noticed my thoughts are more positive and my mind is sharper.

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