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Fuel your journey to a new personal best

Are gut upset and energy dips holding you back from your peak performance? My programs remove the nutritional guesswork so you can redefine your limits in your next endurance event.

Peak Performance

Gut issues, gone

A clear nutrition roadmap

Feeling outpaced by your nutritional needs?

You’re not alone. Like many dedicated triathletes and ultra-runners, you might be facing these nutritional challenges:

  • You experience energy dips in most races

  • Gut issues and nausea ruined your last race

  • You’re constantly hungry and craving sweets

  • You don’t have time for nutritional guesswork

  • Fatigue is affecting other areas of your life

Imagine going from no improvements in months, to this

When you work with your nutrition as an ally, you fuel your body with everything you need to succeed as an endurance athlete. 

Peak Performance

Picture it. With food as your ally, you could optimise each training session and breeze past your old limits on the way to the finish line. You could go from struggling to finish a race to being a podium contender.

Gut issues, gone

Imagine how confident you’d feel lining up for a race knowing that gut upset and nausea weren’t going to hold you back. With tailored nutrition, you’ll fuel your stride to the finish line, not the loo.

A clear nutrition roadmap

With a tailor-made nutrition plan unlocking your full potential, there’s no more guesswork. You’re free to focus on training and embracing all the good things that food has to offer.

Your journey to optimal performance starts here

Here's how we can work together

1. Fuel to perform mini course

Get instant, lifelong access to a 90-minute workshop that’ll teach you how to fuel your body to maximise the benefits of your endurance training and recover from it as quickly as possible.

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2. Fuel To Thrive Academy

This isn’t just about crushing your next event. It’s about redefining your relationship with food so you can overcome any challenge you face on your endurance journey.

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3. Fuel to Excel Program

You’ve honed your body and mind, but one pivotal piece remains—your nutritional fuel. My Fuel to Excel Program helps you conquer the last hurdle between you and a podium finish.

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About me

Hi, I’m Gaby Villa, the founder of IntensEATfit. As a dietitian and sports nutritionist, my mission is to enhance endurance athletes’ performance by transforming food into their greatest ally.

With over 12 years of experience as a triathlete, I’ve learned the profound joy of achieving a new personal best — a feeling I want to share with you.

My vision is to build a world where sport and nutrition are seen as nourishment for not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, unlocking strength and happiness across all areas of life.

Not sure where to start?

Everyone’s journey to performance transformation is different. If you’re not sure which path is right for you — the Fuel to Thrive Academy or the Fuel to Excel Program — we can discuss it in a 30-minute Strategy Session.

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